Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Jackal's Wedding

One CIA asset came to attend the swearing in ceremony of the other CIA asset. Then he had the motherfucking audacity to start the motherfucking press conference by speaking first!! The fucking CUNT who threatened to Invade Pakistan is the Guest of Honour in the swearing in ceremony of the President of the Islamic "Republic" of Pakistan?

Spin this you fucking motherfucker jiyala's. Spin till you have no place to live. Are you any better than the spineless soldiers who never question the chain of command? You and your fucking shameless craven excuses.

Not to mention that the fucking pipplya's can't wait till that National Anthem to finish playing before they start with their goddamned craven 'jiye-bhutto' shit! I'm no fan of the pretentious "Qaumi Tarana" but for FUCK'S SAKE! Get a sense of proportion and perspective you FUCKING CRAVEN FUCKWIT SPINELESS COWARDS!

And here is Saadi Youssef's "The Jackal's Wedding'

…what are we to do about the jackal's wedding
You remember the old days:
In the cool of the evening
Under a bamboo roof
Propped on soft cushions stuffed with fine wool
We'd sip tea ( a tea I've never since tasted)
Among friends….

then a cackling explodes
from the long grass and date palms-
the jackal's wedding!

today isn't yesterday
(truth is as evanescent as the dream of a child)-
truth is, this time we're at their wedding reception,
yes, the jackal's wedding
you've read their invitation:

I'll go in your place
(Damascus is too far away from that secret hotel…)
I'll spit in the jackal's faces,
I'll spit on their lists,
I'll declare that we are the people of Iraq-
We are the ancestral trees of this land,
Proud beneath our modest roof of bamboo.


nota said...

Those "motherfucking jiyalas" have been spinning it, especially BJmistri(formerly Peja):
Zardari Becomes President of Pakistan
President Asif Ali Zardari Takes Oath

Shirkuh said...

Still a lot of anger, and why not. Every true Pakistani must be red in the face about the current situation. On top we have these desert boot jiyalas. They are engaged in shameless spin just like their predecessors (You must have noticed Peja's shameless defence of the BIG snake AZ). When will Pakistanis learn NOT to be narcissistic? Looking forward to your posts on Pkpolitics :-)

Taban Khamosh said...

@nota: I was talking more about freaks like haqqani (not a real jiyala)and mardana raja.. not to mention Naikah and Awan and other sycophants of their ilk.

Personally, I consider Peja to be more of an establishment guy who does an excellent job of whipping up visceral hatred against Zardari and PPP by typifying an exaggerated persona of a stereotypical jiyala.

@Shirkuh: hah! :) I've been unceremoniusly banned from pkpolitics... perhaps because I didn't post there for too long? I dunno ... pkpolitics administration works in mysterious ways. No sweat off my back. It felt claustrophobic and maddeningly infuriating in there at times anyways.