Sunday, October 10, 2010

On PMLN's Latest Temper Tantrum (re: NAB Chief)

Note: This comment was posted on PkPolitics however it is in moderation. Maybe because I used the word "Ass" in it? In any case, just in case it gets deleted, I'm posting it here because I think this temper-tantrum-at-the-drop-of-a-hat thing is getting a little old now. I mean really. A long march over a fucking appointment? Give me a break. Ooops! I said Fucking.

Seriously, I think PMLN is losing it. Why are they making this such a big deal? Shahbaz Sharif even threatening a long march over this.

Is this really a battle you wanna fight at this particular time?

Also, consultation is not consensus. They gave 2 names and picked the third one. Nisar on the other hand didn’t suggest any names.

This is why this whole appointment thing needs to be figured out. We need to have parliamentary committees like the US congressional committees vet the candidates put forth by the executive branch. But even there, its a game of give and take. People don’t get caught up in stupid personal feuds.

It happens here because parties are led by petty politicians and not by a long term strategy put forth by the party organization and supporters voice. If NS wants to work with Zardari, then things are fine. If NS didn’t wake up on the right side of the bed any given day, then f’kin hell is going to have to pay, and vice versa.

But seriously this is getting to be ridiculous on both sides. NO legislation is being passed and both parties are engaging in BS grand standing while the economy sinks.

Shahbaz Sharif is holding a truckload of ministries including the interior one last I checked. But far be it from PKP to EVER criticize ANYTHING that PML-N does. What about conflict of interest here? what about the fact that one guy just can’t do it all regardless of what ever kind of superman he is (this coming from a guy who thinks Shahbaz Sharif would actually make a good Prime Minister. Not because I like to kiss PMLN’s a55 but because he’s a good administrator, but how does that translate to not criticising anything that a party does?)

On a general note, I don’t get this jiyala pan on every side. It is killing our political culture and it is taking us to the same old place where we’ve been before and we didn’t like it one single bit.

This time it was supposed to be different.


axhameed said...

Regarding Shahbaz Sharif's threat to give a call for a long march; he must be living in a different planet if he believes that people who are going through crisis after crises would care to come out of their houses to protest over the appointment of NAB's chairman. The Sharifs are making all these noises because the new chaiman does not suit THEM and it has got nothing to do with the nation or poor masses.

BTW, your post on the Sharif's paid site, PKPOLITICS, was finally cleared. I guess the owner(s) of that site realized that without having people like you visiting their site, all they have left is mainly "chaan-bhoora".

axhameed said...

This is what these Mo EFFs in the assemblies need to discuss and resolve as opposed to the less important issues that they are engaged in. What this shows is that these people have absolutely NO clue on how to provide relief to a common man.

Peja Mistri said...

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Anonymous said...

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where are u contributing these days (on which blog)

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Daud Khan said...

what type of clue it is .?