Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Islamist Project - REDUX


Anonymous said...

regarding shoe throwing on Zardari TK and Hizub Ut Tahrir are on common grounds..strange is not it?

Taban Khamosh said...

i don't care for 'shoe throwing' dramatics, however I do find it viscerally satisfying. simply because Zardari chose to act on his "doctrine" once again, namely "Fuck All Y'all!".

At the same time I suspect this was engineered by the right or even the ISI. To expect the kelptocratic "establishment" wouldn't exploit the situation is naive.

My beef is with Zardari's ridiculous (and undemocratic rise to) leadership and the spineless fallin-in-line that is exhibited by Zardari apologists.

My concern is democracy. Zardari can go fuck himself (if he doesn't work towards strengthening it and keeps putting his foot in his mouth every goddamn chance he gets).

He's doing no favor to PPP and to the people of pakistan, and supporting him for the sake of supporting a semblance of sham democracy is counter productive. We need successive coalition govts if needed (and that doesn't mean we have to go to the polls every time).

Just ask the other party to form a govt. But that won't happen. Because the moola train is too lucrative to get off from.

So, let the chips fall where they may. HT/ISI/JI/Talibs they're all on the same side. By acting like a jack-ass, so is Zardari.