Saturday, February 6, 2010

The legacy of Lawrence of Arabia

The western project to dismember the Ottomon empire and crack that hard nut to get at the tasty prize inside, Jerusalem, was spearheaded by one man. And the witless fools who aided the British empire and the west in general were the fucknuts who are still at it. Still fighting "Jeeehaawds" in the name of Islam, but actually working unwittingly to dismember and destroy Islam itself.

In 9 years, they kill 4000 foreign occupiers, and 100,000 fellow Muslims. Yet they classify it as Jeehawwd! and yet unwitting fools follow them in their sick JeeHaawd in the service of the West.

They pulverize and make ready for plunder the last remaining Muslim powers for the west.
They fight for the enemy.
with their fako beards and their fako calluses on their wretched foreheads.

goyim. cattle. useful idiots.

They fight in the name of Islam. For the enemy. Against Islam.
All in vain.


The Legacy of Lawrence of Arabia -- Part 1
The Legacy of Lawrence of Arabia -- Part 2

P.S. And don't for a second believe in the angsty whit-man-guilt'ish bullshit this guy is spewing about lawrence doing it to "free the arab nation from the yoke of turks". My ass. They did this to bring down the Ottomon empire and strike a psychological blow to Muslims that they may never recover from. And gues who were the "guerilla fighters" engaging in Jeeehawd against the "westernized turks" ????

You got it. The fucking wahabi's. And that is EXACTLY what you have right now. The west has pulled a page out of an old play book and the fucking beardo's have fallen for the Jeehaawd against the "apostates" trick, yet one more time.

Fuck them. Fuck these bitches.

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