Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Green Brief No. 6.

The Latest news culled from tweets by an Iranian translator

6. There are sporadic reports coming in from Qom at this point. Sources claim that Rafsanjani who was in Qom has had meetings with clerics inside Qom. It has been also reported – but not confirmed – for the past three days that Ayatollah Montazeri has declared a three days’ mourning period. It likely is a hoax because it has not been confirmed by anyone. What can be confirmed is that the Council of Combatant Clerics – which includes in its members Rafsanjani and Nateq Noori – have backed the protesters. Khamanei is going to lead Friday prayers in Tehran. If there was a speech, we'll have a translation availble here within the hour.

Interview of the Fiance of Neda Aqaa Sultan, the 26 year old who was mercilessly shot through the heart by the goddamned Basij.

These bastards sound equivalent to the fucking Taliban and the Jamatia enforcers in Pakistan. These "religious" hyena's have no qualms in killing innocent bystanders, but they cry like stuck pigs when one of their cunts gets a little furlow.

FUCK THEM BITCHES! is all I have to say to this.

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