Friday, January 11, 2008

To those who defend Dictators and Tyrants in the name of expediency

The following is a comment on a debate between pro/con Musharraf posters on who were arguing about exactly what good has his 8 year rule done. My point is that his rule is illegal and therefore what "good" he has done should come after he and his cronies show up in court to defent their criminal piracy of the state of Pakistan. (with minor corrections and spellchecks).

I don’t care what the hell he’s done. He’s there ILLEGALLY. Everything flows from that ONE SIMPLE FACT!!. He has raped the constitution and the judiciary (granted he’s not the only one and he’s superficially less brutal than that MARDOOD KUTTA Zia) and that is not good for any of us. If the army keeps this sh*t up in the name of “protecting pakistan” we’re not gonna have any damn pakistan to protect pretty soon. But it won’t be these leeches out on the streets it will be our brothers and mothers and fathers suffering the consequences of the .001% greed, while these fattened rats jump the sinking ship and go live on their estates in london and america that they bought with the money they stole from us!!!

If someone steals your house, are you going to be satisfied with how many flowerbeds s/he put in the lawn after stealing your house? If someone stole your car, would you be proud if he justified it by saying Look, I put new shiny rims on it.. aren’t you happy I stole your car?.. Only generations of pakistanis, bereft of any proper education (guess why?) and force fed fantasies by a coerced and willingly compliant media can come up with the kind of excuses that we do. It is sad really.

It is wrong to ask what good he has done. The question is: WHAT RIGHT DOES HE HAVE TO EVEN DO ANY GOOD? It is not his place to do mega project. Do your job, run the army, and be subservient to the will of the people of Pakistan.

So, before you defend mush or zia or any of the usurpers of people’s will and sovereignty, remember this: You’re missing the point. He is illegal, army rule is illegal, and all those who make excuses for this are supporting illegal and criminal behaviour. THAT’s IT.

The proof is in the pudding jee, and this pudding stinks to high heaven jee!

But seriously.

The Army must go back to the barracks and stay the hell over there. Or the people of Pakistan shall rise up, punish all these false patriots and reconstitute the state and the armed forces. We shall dissolve the army as is, court martial these rogue generals and reconstitute a people’s army.. we’re sick of this useless organ of state which does NOTHING but to dig deeper into the dying body of our nation and suck the remaining life force out of its veins. The only wars they win is against unarmed housewives and ordinary people of Pakistan. Granted that 90-98% of Pakistan army comprises of professionals and patriots, but they along with the people of Pakistan (the true bosses of these glorified chowkidars called "Generals") are being betrayed by a toady leadership who feel proud to be lackeys of foreign powers while oppressing their own people for the benefit of their foreign husbands.


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